Review for Milly and the Mermaids

Review for Milly and the Mermaids

9781444006933I just love stories about mermaids, so when I saw this book at the library I knew I had to get it and try it out.

And while it was pretty nice, I still had expected a bit more from it. I am not sure how to explain what I want different, but I think I wanted more mermaid stuff in the beginning.

Sure, the mermaids were around, if you looked closely you could find them everywhere, which was a delight, but it was also a shame that they didn’t do more with it then the occasional mermaid spotting.

And yes, there is enough hints to mermaid stuff. With shells, sand images, sand castles, burying your mum’s lower body with a sandy fish tail, and that was all fun, but still it felt like it lacked something.

But it takes until the end of the book, when the trip is over, for us to see the mermaids, and even then I do wonder if it wasn’t just all a dream. And that is also what was a shame. Did Milly really go to the mermaids? If it is a real thing, does that mean she can use that thing more often? Or is it a one-time ticket to mermaid world? I just had so many questions, and it was just sad we will never find out.

I also found it a bit of a shame that the art added glitters/shininess at some parts, but then didn’t care about it on other pages. It was a bit distracting, and I am sure it would have just looked better if all of it were glitters/shininess (or none of it was).

But all in all, I still enjoyed myself, and the book was still pretty good and fun. The illustrations were pretty decent, though I felt it could be a bit more colourful, and less drab grey/blue/green colours.

Would I recommend this book? I think I will have to say yes to it, I really did enjoy a lot of parts, and we did get to see mermaids. 🙂


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