Review for Monster in the Hood

Review for Monster in the Hood

BIYHKXc3_400x400Monster in the Hood is an adorable tale about a monster, with a nice twist that I didn’t expect.

The book starts off with 3 animals, each one heard about the monster in the hood that is stalking the city. Each of them isn’t afraid of the monster in the hood (or so they say), and they plan on seeing him tonight, so we see them do things (yeah, I am not going to tell you what) to get the monster to come to them. There is a lovely surprise when they finally do meet him, and I had quite a laugh. I had expected x, but I got y. 😀

The monster in the hood is a great monster, and I loved him instantly. Yes, he looked scary, but also fluffy and soft. (Yes, this will probably get me killed if we really had monsters, isn’t it a good thing we don’t have monsters?)
I loved what happened when they 3 met him, and it was so fun to see them all together doing several things.

The ending was also cute, I was a bit worried, would we get a surprise twist again?, but I didn’t need to worry. Instead I had quite a laugh at the level-headedness of the animals.

The art is really nice, I love how the animals, how the monster is drawn. I loved to see him get closer and closer to the animals, and I also loved seeing the monster afterwards on various things (he really is big and fluffy).

Would I recommend this book? Yes, yes I would. It is a delight, and I am sure that kids will find it fun to shout with the animals to call for the monster.


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