Review for Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet

Review for Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet

27247069I just love Liz Climo’s artwork, and when I saw she had a new book about Rory the Dinosaur, I just knew I had to pre-order it, because I loved the previous Rory book.

Then it came in on Friday, but I had to wait because of Animecon, but yesterday, after Animecon, I finally had time to snuggle up and read this book. It was just super adorable, super cute, and I just loved it a lot, however I did think the pet was a bit weird, and the ending felt a bit sudden.

Rory is out with his friends, one of them has a pet, Rory decides he wants a pet and searches for one. I can imagine that he would want a pet. I am sure every kid would love a pet when their best friend(s) have one, especially when said pet can do all kinds of fun things, and you can have a whole day of fun and enjoyment. I really liked the search, though I didn’t expect that kind of pet, nor did I think it was that good. Sure, it was funny, but I do wonder how long that will keep (considering what the pet is). I won’t say much more, because of course I want people to find out what pet it is by themselves.

I did like seeing all the things that Rory did with his pet, I had quite a laugh at a few of the things.

The ending however felt a bit sudden. On the one hand it fitting, but on the other hand it felt rushed. Like there was more story, but they decided to go for this ending instead.

The art, well, I already said I loved her artwork, and that didn’t change while reading this book. It is such a cute style.

All in all, even with a weird pet, a bit weird ending, I still loved this book and I would recommend it to everyone! I am hoping that there will be more Rory books in the future. 😀


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