Review for Showjumpers

Review for Showjumpers

8588790Well this was pretty great, though filled with drama (not really the good kind), boys that are total asshats, and one mean girl who can’t apparently just fall off a horse and be erased from the book.
Luckily there were also enough good parts (I loved the horse lessons, the showjumping part, the competitions, the romance).

But first the bad stuff to get that out of the way:

Yes, I know I am harsh, but really Kennedy? I wish she wasn’t in the book, the stuff she does is just so utterly horrible that I can’t imagine why anyone would let that stuff slide. She does several things that are life-threatening (the horse pushing in the last one, and what she does in this one), yet she NEVER EVER gets punished. And that really frustrates me to no end. The teacher could clearly see what was happening, but who got punished? Georgie. I really hate that this is yet another case of rich-bitch-getting-everything-she-wants-no-matter-what. I already hate the trope of mean girl, but this one takes it so much further. 😐

I loved James in the previous book, but the crap he pulls in this one? Sorry, but no. Even with that end I couldn’t forgive him. Why did he never EVER go to Georgie and ask her about things? Why did he just bully her constantly, why did he have to be such a big dick about it?
If someone would do that to me, I wouldn’t just run away, I would go to that person and ask about it. He knows about his sister, yet…. urgh.

Conrad is a terrible character and I wonder why the school keeps him as a prefect? I am guessing money and status, because otherwise he would have lost that prefect status immediately with the crap he pulls in this one. (Someone is late at the gates for 5 MINUTES and you leave them there? WHAT THE HELL?) I hope in the next books he will get the punishment he deserves.

Cameron, dear Lord, that guy was just terrible. Not seeing much in front of him, only seeing the rich bitch popular girl. And then being surprised when other girls are pissed at him. Bah.

Phew, now we are through with all the stuff that I didn’t like, let me start about the stuff I did like.

Riley! Riley all the way. I knew from the start I would love this guy, and I did. Sure, at one point I wanted to smack him, but that quickly changed with that perfect, sweet, cute ending.
I loved how he stayed calm even when Georgie was a bit mean towards him in the beginning. Dismissing what he said. But he just tried again and again, and she had to see that he was pretty awesome, and that there was a reason why people went to him for horse trouble.
I loved how he was so sweet towards Georgie, and how he helped her out. And again, that ending was just perfection, I can’t wait for the next book!

Daisy, what a change that was. From a girl I didn’t like in the previous book she certainly stepped up and became quite awesome in this one. Still blunt, still a bit mean, but way less, and she is truly becoming a friend to Georgie, which I just loved to see. I am glad that she is dropped the bitch attitude, and instead is becoming a fun girl. I can’t wait to see her in the next books, and I hope she will continue her road to a nice girl.

Georgie, I loved how strong she is, how brave she is. However I do have to say her crush on James got annoying, especially with the crap he pulled. But I can see why she was so dedicated, she just wanted to know what went wrong.
I loved how hard she worked to get to the place she wants to go. She wants to go for the top and she is certainly fighting for it.
Her relationship with Bella is just so sweet, and I loved to see them grow, to become friends, to understand each other. There is a big change between the Bella from the previous book (and even the beginning of this book) and the end part. It is amazing what can be achieved in one book.

Alice, she is just so much fun, and such a sweet character. I loved what she did for Georgie in this book, she truly is an amazing friend for life.

I also loved the life at the boarding school, though we didn’t have much about it, or the homework, you could still see that it wasn’t the easiest place. But it was quite fun to read about it, and even though the workload seems overkill, the food is suckish (at least if I have to believe the countless stories about it), but it does seem like a fun place to be. I wouldn’t mind going to a boarding school, too bad I am bit too old for that. 😛

What more? Ah yes, the horses and the competitions and the lessons. I just loved all of them. I know I wouldn’t participate in cross country though, it sounds quite harrowing and scary. Then again, I will probably still try it out if I had the chance, but I am not sure if I could handle the constant fear. The fear of falling off, the fear of breaking bones.

The competition between the houses was so much fun to read about, I could just imagine myself standing in the stands and cheering for my favourite house. Or even participate in the race itself.

All in all though, there was a lot of good in this book and I really enjoyed reading it. I will soon get the third book, though I might wait a bit since the series will be ending at book 4. 🙁


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