Review for Sing

Review for Sing

41JanrxGoMLThis was a beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, lovely book, and I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t stop reading it until it was late at night. 😀

I just love books about singers, actors, models, and this one is all about a singer and her life. Lily goes through heartbreak after heartbreak. Every time she thinks she met someone who really understands her, really gets her, and doesn’t mind that she is famous and isn’t always around, or is busy. She thought this was the case with Jed, but sadly Jed wasn’t the man she hoped he was. All of the sudden she is alone again. I felt sad, and sorry for her, because it must hurt, finding out that maybe you are just going to be alone for all life. I know the feeling oh so well. 🙁 Thankfully I found someone who proved I didn’t, but before him? I knew that feeling very well.
But Lily doesn’t let herself be down, she also doesn’t write songs about heartbreak, however, she needs a plan. Her new cd/tour is all about love songs, all about Jed. And well, as you can imagine that isn’t such a good plan now the relationship is over.

So she decides to take a break, go on a vacation with her friends, go to an island, be isolated, try to get her life back on the rails, try to find lyrics that aren’t all about love, romance, heartbreak.
You can however imagine her manager’s reaction when he finally finds out that his star is now taking a break, and isn’t even sure that she will come back/have songs/will do the tour.
I did find Lily’s going on vacation a bit unprofessional. I know she didn’t want all those songs, I know she had a rough time, and yes, I can imagine she wants to find her roots, and get her life back, but I did think it was better had she just talked it over with her manager. Some things you just can’t do any more when you are working, or when you have responsibilities. And yes, that might have meant she couldn’t have just gone on a vacation, so, yeah, I guess the book wouldn’t have existed then. 😀

I really loved the time on the island, I could just imagine the island, imagine the water surrounding it. Imagine myself eating all the lovely fishy food. Imagine enjoying, relaxing, and having a good time.
I was happy to see how Lily changed, to see her become happier with each passing day. Sure, she still worried, she still had a job to do, but she also did a lot of fun things. It also must have felt like a relief not being stalked by paparazzi or getting tackled by fans that often. Finally she could do things without having to worry about such things. She could just be herself. Have fun with her friends.

The whole Noel thing? Well, I did have to say I found it a bit too soon and it really clashed with what Lily had said, and also promised to her friends. You weren’t going to instant fall in love with a new guy. You weren’t supposed to just do a rebound again. I don’t know, for the first part I just didn’t like the romance. Sure, it was cute, it was adorable, and I was happy for both characters. HOWEVER, Lily did get to the island to get away from it all. And she spots one hot dude and instant romance. What?
And why did she have to lie about stuff to her friends? I found it a bit too much, and I didn’t particularly like it. Yes, I can imagine why she did it, but I don’t approve of it at all.

Later on, when everything is out, I did love the romance between Noel and Lily. They made such a cute couple and I was just squeeing and awwing at everything. Noel didn’t treat Lily like all the other guys, starstruck/etc., he treated her like a normal girl. They did stuff together that was just fun, and very romantic. Stargazing, fishing, swimming, and more. I just love those parts.

Of course near the end we get some conflict (nope no spoilers from me), while it did frustrate me a bit, I did like that it was added as it gave the book some extra depth. And then what happens afterwards just made it all much more rewarding.

The songs that Lily was able to write? They are just perfect, I can imagine that people love her stuff. And of course I was also happy for Lily that she was able to write a whole bunch of new songs.

As for the ending? I loved it, it was different from what I had thought it might be (though of course there were enough hints). I am really happy for all the characters, they all deserve their nice endings.

All in all, this was a gorgeous book, and I will definitely re-read it someday soon again. I would highly recommend this one!


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