Review for The Day the Crayons Came Home

Review for The Day the Crayons Came Home

23310161Yay, a new Crayon book! I read this book in Dutch, but will be writing a review in English.

This was really lovely, but as I also said in my previous book’s review I had kind of hoped that the next book (so this one) wouldn’t be about letters. Well in a way it wasn’t, this time it was postcards. Which were really fun, but it felt like a repetition of the previous book. Instead of thinking up something totally different we once again have a form of mail to tell Teun (yes, that is his name in the Dutch version, because why in heaven’s name would you keep the original names, not like Duncan is so strange. I have heard of stranger names (with lots of ‘ or -, or names that just mean very wrong things in the original language)).

This time we had some new crayons, and some didn’t even post in their colour, but instead used a friend to do it for them. Or in case of Orange x Yellow, each word was either yellow or orange.
One colour in specific did burn my eyeballs. Hello neon coloured crayon. I do have to say that even though he burned my eyeballs, I did like him a lot, he was my favourite one. Though I do wish I would know the original locations, because I am sure it isn’t Purmerend like in my Dutch book.

Teun learns a new lesson in this one, and I was really proud of what he did in this book, and the ending was just perfection and really sweet. Go Teun!

I am not sure if I would like another Crayon book, sure there are more than enough colours to talk about, but I can’t just imagine what the next book would be about. More grumbling crayons? More crayons demanding love and care? More Teun discovering that crayons need more attention? Maybe if the next book just flips it all and just does something totally different, then I think I would be interested.

I did love the illustrations, but then again, Oliver Jeffers is one of my favourite illustrators, he has a great way of drawing.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, because I still had a whole lot of fun, and for most I loved reading about the crayons and their whereabouts.


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