Review for The Last Book Before Bedtime

Review for The Last Book Before Bedtime

What do you get if you mix and match 3 fairy tale stories together, you get this book! 😀

While I had my suspicions on what stories we would get (because come on, Cinderella, the 3 pigs, and Red Riding Hood are on the cover), I didn’t know they would mix it up this much. It was a bit chaotic, and I also didn’t like how Cinderella was portrayed as being very needy in the attention part. She is one of my favourite girls in fairy tales, so I was unhappy. 🙁

The book first starts with our 3 pigs, which is not really my favourite story (it is just so boring), so I was happy to see that we quickly went to find another character from another story, and then yet another character, until we had the cast ready for an epic going-to-bed-story. I loved how they all worked together, and the story was really nice. Good job guys!

I really have to give extra points (hence the 4 stars, that is 1.5 star extra for just this) for the narration! I just loved, no adored, no it was just amazingly fun, to see the narration break the fourth wall. Not only speaking directly to the person reading the book, but also commanding the characters of the book. It was such a delight to see this, and it made the book so much better. I laughed all the time, how he tried to handle these story book characters, but they were acting all like little kids.

The ending was really cute, and I was happy with what happened.

There are also illustrations and I just loved them a lot. The way the characters were drawn was perfect, and I loved the details.

There is also an option to read this book in audio (through a QR-code hidden in the front of the book, normally not hidden, but my library put something over it). I am thinking of doing that, as I am curious how the narration will be done.

All in all, this was a pretty decent book, it had some fun parts, lovely art, and the narration was just perfect.

Star rating, 4 stars

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