Review for The Secret of The Scarecrow

Review for The Secret of The Scarecrow

17334357While I was looking for new Nancy Drew to read, I first discovered the series: Nancy Drew Clue Book. I read the first book and fell in love, and then when checking the page I also found this series. A series with 40 (!!) books so far.

I was a bit hesitant, like with the Clue Book series (which I read a bit earlier) I was worried that this incarnation might turn out to be horrible. Yes, I am a bit wary of new incarnations of Nancy Drew. I have read a few of them (for instance one with real supernatural stuff, one with college Nancy but written in MG style), but in general they just mess up the character, or the writing isn’t that good. Or they totally tilt around the world of Nancy Drew. But thankfully, this one, just like The Clue Book series, keep the characters intact. The writing is great, and it doesn’t feel weird that Nancy Drew and her friends are now children. Instead it felt perfectly normal. Yeah, for another glimpse in the life of a little Nancy Drew (since the Clue Book series also show us Nancy from that perspective).

The mysteries are close to home, in this one for instance our group has made a scarecrow and things happen to it, but there is also a strange thing happening in town (a scarecrow, or something that looks like it, is on the loose). It is all close to home, the mysteries are quite easy (at least for the reader). Nothing big like the first Nancy Drew did (though she also had some smaller mysteries), and it was fun to see the girls as children as that really did change the playing field. Unlike older Nancy from the first series, this Nancy can’t just go everywhere, nor can her friends. There are several other limitations and I have to say that it really makes things more interesting. You just can’t wait to see how Nancy (and of course George and Bess) will solve this mystery. Will they be able to solve it in time?

The characters are just perfect in this one. Everyone is as one would expect.

I do would love to know who wrote this one as I love the style and I wonder if this writer has written other books.

All in all, I am glad that I found not just one new Nancy Drew incarnation series, but two series that I can fully enjoy now. This one will take a whole lot longer to collect, but I do hope to buy 2 or 3 books each month of this series.

I would recommend this book.


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