Review for The Slumber Party Secret

Review for The Slumber Party Secret

32976This was just so much fun to read!

I am still looking for new Nancy Drew to read, and I found this series. It also features a child Nancy Drew, and I have to say, just like the other 2 series that I read about young Nancy Drew, that this one also does it perfectly. I loved how this book marked the beginning of Nancy’s detective career. I sure can’t wait to see what other cases she will have. Yes, I will be buying more of this book, they aren’t that easy to find, but I will do my best to get this series complete, even if it takes some time.

I also love the side-characters. Bess, George are present, and they are just perfect. Their characteristics are all present, they are really fun, and they form a great team with Nancy.

The mystery and the whodunnit? Sure, I had some suspects, but as the book continued I still didn’t know exactly who had done, and for good reasons. I won’t say much about the whys, but if you read I am sure you will agree. Who did the stuff at the party, I knew that instantly. It could only be those characters.

I do have to say that I did think the girls who didn’t get invited were spoiled and bleh. Come on, what did you think, that she can fit 15+ girls in her room? That is just how it goes for parties, some get invited, others don’t. 😐 Unless of course the party girl is very rich and has a humongous house, but otherwise suck it up princesses.
Maybe rude, but I think it was just silly that there was so much drama over this.

The party was fun though, even if things didn’t go according to plan. 🙂

I also loved Nancy’s father he was just a fun character, and he was so sweet and supportive towards his daughter. <3

There are also illustrations here and there, and I loved that they were added to the mix, they really made the book so much more fun!


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