Review for The Truth According to Arthur

Review for The Truth According to Arthur

28595920No I didn’t receive this from the author, nor from anyone else. This book is apparently already found in bookstores, which is where I found this copy. No clue how they even got it even though it is still 2 weeks to go, but oh well. 😀

I just love it when a book has a realistic theme and combines it with fun illustrations and a fun story. Because that is what this book does. It shows us Arthur, a little boy who just rode his brother’s bike into his mom’s car. You can imagine what goes through Arthur’s head, and yes he is going to lie. Well at least to all his friends. His stories become more and more grand. But sadly his friends aren’t giving the right answer (well, with the exception of one little girl). Now the question remains, will he lie to his mother? Make up a grand story? Try to divert the blame to someone else? I won’t tell, but I can tell that whatever it was, I was happy with the choice Arthur made.

I also did have quite a laugh at what Arthur came up with. I loved the reference to E.T. 🙂 He sure has quite an imagination, he should use it for something better than lying. Though I do hope that after this book he has learned a lesson about honesty, about lying, about what to do if you do something wrong.

I also liked that Truth is just hanging around as a figure, though that made me have sad feelings when Arthur bent, stretched, and did other things to the Truth. That poor Truth.

The mother? I loved her and how she reacted to Arthur. She could have done many things, but she picked that way and I was so happy to see that she decided this one was better.

The illustrations are just fabulous. Colourful, fun.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend. It is terrific for kids, to show them about lying, about stretching the Truth. As I said it is just so much fun when authors/illustrators take a serious topic and make it fun and interesting to read about it.


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