Book Haul 16-7 2016

Book Haul 16-7 2016

Hello everyone!

Today was a wonderful day, not only was it lovely weather (though I am still wondering where our summer is), it was also a day filled with Library books, and a lucky find at the ABC bookstore! Plus several other non-book stuff (like finding Harry Potter shirts at Primark).

When I go to Library #3 I always visit the ABC bookstore that is located in that city as well. Sometimes I strike gold at the secondhand part of their store, sometimes not, but today was finally a day full of gold as I found 6 new books (though 2 of them are book #3 and #4, so I will need to find the other books as well).

Here we go, this is my book haul for today! Keep an eye out for tomorrow when I will be posting my Library #3 Haul.



Flesh and Bone by Jonathan Maberry
Fire and Ash by Jonathan Maberry
Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano
I’m With Cupid by Anna Staniszewski
Max by Marc Martin
Travels with Charlie: Way Down South by Miles Backer, Chuck Nitzberg

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