Library Haul 16-7-2016

Library Haul 16-7-2016

Hello everyone!

Those who follow me on Twitter, or saw my Book Haul post yesterday, know I had an amazing day with a lot of books.

My Library #3 had all kinds of new books, a lot of them new English books. I got a huge stack of lovely books (12, as that is the max I can borrow, I do wish they had a bigger limit as I saw some other books I wanted to take with me as well), and I can read most of them (some of them are going on my ever-growing stack of doom, um vacation-books :D).

So I am sure you are all curious about my stack of books, so shall we get started?



Zoo Boy by Sophie Thompson
Front Lines by Grant Michael
Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy
Mel Foster and the Demon Butler by Julia Golding
The Death House by Sarah Pinborough
Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas
The Shrunken Head by Lauren Oliver, H.C. Chester
I will love you anyway by Mick Inkpen, Chloe Inkpen
Over botjes, protjes, en snotjes by Thaïs Vanderheyden, Saskia Martens
Duifje by Inge Misschaert, Seppe Van den Berghe
Olifantastisch: op reis naar Afrika by Michael Engler, Catalina Steenkoop, Joëlle Tournolias
Great LEGO Sets A Visual History by Daniel Lipkowitz, Helen Murray

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