Review for Bravo and Elphie

Review for Bravo and Elphie

31019516I received this book from the writer in exchange of an honest review.

So I was just delighted when I got the mail from the writer, I read the first book and really liked it, and was already hoping that there would be more books about Elphie, because he was just so great and fun.

This time Elphie gets a pet, and learns to be brave (which is a really nice touch considering the name of the pet (which is Bravo)). Yep, just like the other book our little Elphie is learning, or finding and conquering something, and he becomes better because of it. In the previous book he also had the same thing happenening. And no, those things aren’t boring, since they are done in a fun, playful way. For instance in this one Elphie needs to be brave for Bravo and he needs to face one of his fears: the slide. I was really cheering Elphie on, just like a few others around him were doing. I also loved that those people were doing it, it certainly helped Elphie to be brave, and I do hope that he will like the slide more, or at least won’t be so afraid of it.

I really like addition of Bravo. I just adore rodents (I have had mice and hamsters, but I also had friends with guinea pigs and rats), so I was so happy to see that a kid had a pet rat! More often it would be a bunny, or a kitty, or a dog. Which is just a bit boring, why not something different? 😀

I loved how sweet Elphie was towards Bravo, especially during the later parts. And that ending was just too adorable and sweet and made me go awww.

I also loved that Elphie is still wearing his cape and sword from the first adventure!

The art is still a bit flat (just like I commented on in my first review), but I do see improvement, which is great!

All in all, I really enjoyed this story about Elphie, and I do hope we will see more books about him, hopefully also featuring Bravo!


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