Review for Dainana Joshikai Houkou Vol.1

Review for Dainana Joshikai Houkou Vol.1

Da hell did I just read? And why did I continue reading it?978-4199501340

I am kind of in a reading slump, I still got some books that I am not going to take with me on vacation (like on my ereader, or library books), but for some reason I just can’t get through them, I just want to read the books that are on my vacation stack! So I decided to browser through some manga, and I came across this book. And really, it already sounded weird, but after reading it, and getting a nice shiny headache, I can tell it was even weirder than it was described.

It has a few nice moments here and there, some moments that made me laugh, but in general I didn’t like Takagi. Kanemura was a nice, friendly, interesting girl, but Takagi was just too weird, too annoying, too clingy, and a few other too thingies as well. I couldn’t understand how these 2 girls would be together as friends, at times you do see hints to that they make good friends, but otherwise I wouldn’t have paired them together.
Later on we do find out why they got to be friends, and I have to say, wow. I am not sure if that is a good idea, but if it works… I guess it is fine?

Next to Takagi we also had the general weirdness of the book. There is a lot of weird/strange technology wandering around. From alarmclocks that you can put in your hair and which will wake you up, to putting up a VR glasses thing to go to heaven (Yes, if you die you go to some place called heaven, which is full of people who indeed died. Though it seems most don’t mind as they can still communicate with people outside of heaven.) Then we have aliens, unknown creatures wandering around, and several other things that just didn’t make sense.

At times the manga was also a bit disgusting and I was happy when those parts were over again.

The art is so-so. At times pretty decent, but at other times it doesn’t look that nice.

I definitely won’t be reading this one any further. No thank you. I want to keep my sanity + I don’t like headaches.


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