Review for DC Super Hero Girls Vol.1: Finals Crisis

Review for DC Super Hero Girls Vol.1: Finals Crisis

27272308I loved the first book of the DC Super Hero Girls written by Lisa Yee, and when I heard there would also be graphic novels about this series, I knew I had to get them, as I probably would love them.

And did I love it? Yes, yes I did. Unlike the Lisa Yee book(s since she will be writing more) this one focuses on more than one MC. We got various ones actually (and their stories all connect in the end). Superheroines, but also supervillains. From Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn. I loved that we had so many various characters.

And I loved each and everyone of them, though I have to say my favourite girls were Batgirl and Harley Quinn.

It was fun to see them go through their daily life, to see them not only think about their superhero duties, but also see them go through daily normal things. Like exams, friendship, parties, and so much more. Often you see superheroes just being superheroes (though these days you see more and more comics about superheroes and their daily lives and their superhero duties (like Hellcat, or Squirrel Girl)), so it is lovely to see them also worry and do other things. It makes them seem even more human. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too weird, I am not entirely sure how to put it in words in a review, so I hope I have it right. 🙂

Also I loved that we saw other characters as well. It was a delight to see Starfire be as she always is (broken English, not understanding everything that is said), but it was also fun to see Beastboy again. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the boys, both villains and heroes. I know this is the series for DC Super High Girls, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the girls talking to the boys/forming friendships/maybe some romance. 😀

I was also curious what was happening to the girls, and who was the culprit. If they even had the same culprit or that some organisation was working on things.
I do have to say it got a bit repetitive, because I knew by girl #3 what would happen, it was just waiting for it to actually happen. So there is that, but luckily the last story just combines it all and shows us a kick-ass girl who isn’t going to let anyone mess with her friends.
When we do find out the whodunnit I was delighted. Yes! That character is in this graphic novel, what a delight that they are also featured. And the reason why they did what they did was also interesting (and kind of made sense and connected to other things, considering what we already read in the first book by Lisa Yee).

I didn’t particularly like how the school reacted at the end. Not only dislike, but I also thought it was a bit weird, if anything they would understand, no? I mean this is a school for superheroes you would expect such things would bring some sympathy. I won’t say much more, discover what happens yourself.

I really like the art it is just fitted the series perfectly. The style is just great, fun and playful. The characters look perfect.

All in all, I would highly recommend this graphic novel to everyone, and I really can’t wait until the next one comes out!


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