Review for Herbie’s Big Adventure

Review for Herbie’s Big Adventure

29058881I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Awwww, that is practically all I can say about this book. This was just so much adorableness packed in one book.

Say hello to Herbie. Herbie just was born into this world, he is still a tiny tiny hedgehog. But he will soon be exploring the world, foraging, stumbling, and sleeping. We will go with him on his journey, the journey that his mom pushed him to.
I loved to see Herbie and I was cheering for him during first few pages of his journey, after that he seemed to be doing perfectly fine and awesome. He never had to be afraid of anything, or anybody, nature is taking care of him when he is in trouble.

I did have a big laugh though at the fact such a tiny little hedgehog could be lifted up in the air with just a leaf, but then again, it fits the magical air this book has.

The ending was really cute, yay for Herbie! Good job! You did it! cheers

The art was the other thing that was super super cute and that I really loved to see. I was just awwing at every page. 🙂 The changing seasons are done really nice as well. From green grass, and green leaves, to brown leaves, and then snow.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend, it is cute, it is fluffy, it is fun!


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