Review for Kekkonshite mo Koishiteru Vol.1

Review for Kekkonshite mo Koishiteru Vol.1

30065672This was just super-heartwarming, adorable, cute, wonderful, sweet, hilarious, and so so much more!

It is the story about a couple, about their lives, but also about their kids (1 from a previous marriage, and 2 (twins) from the current marriage). It is their daily lives, from jobs, to sickness (and what that does to a parent), to pregnancy, and much more.

It is a fun, calm manga, but you will also roll off your chair because of some scenes. Like when the husband comes home from his work in the winter, sees his wife in a cute pyjamas but with bare legs, and goes to touch her legs with his ice cold hands. In retaliation she headbutts him. 😀 He so deserved that one, maybe he will think twice before putting his cold hands on her.
And so there are many more scenes that will have you snicker, that will make you laugh. But the manga will also leave you teary-eyed. Especially the beginning part of their relationship, but also the pregnancy of the twins (and the trouble that came with that).

I really love all of the characters. Even the side-characters (like the junior our husband is having to teach stuff at work, or the senior at his work who loves roombas (and makes pictures of his roomba every day)). Everyone is so fun, such a delight.

The art is gorgeous and I just love how it looks. The style is really soft and fits perfectly with the story and what happens.

I can’t wait to read more of this manga, and I would also highly recommend it to everyone!


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