Review for Luna the Vampire Volume 1: Grumpy Space

Review for Luna the Vampire Volume 1: Grumpy Space

28862492I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

What the hell did I just read? Sorry, but honestly? This one was just terrible. It looked so much fun, and so so interesting. Come on, vampires in space? With Zombies? With other monsters? Um, where do I sign up?
Sadly, it was just terribly confusing, terribly boring, and terribly bland.

Add to that the fact that after a few pages I just hated Luna. The way she does things, the way she acts, everything. She just annoyed me so much.

And Luna wasn’t the only one I just found frustratingly annoying, her best friend was also one. I couldn’t even see why she was friends with that girl. The only thing that girl cared about was herself (even worse than Luna).

The stories make no sense. Yes, there is continuity, but that is all. The stories range from a weird trip to a convention, to getting a new pet and being too stupid to see that that worm is neither a cat or a bat. But oh well.

In the end I just had a headache, and I did wonder if this is truly volume 1 or if I might have missed about 10 volumes. 😐

The art was also not the best, at times it was quite nice, but generally it wasn’t. 🙁


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