Review for Madeline

Review for Madeline

475339I may have heard about this series/this book before, however it really came to my attention yesterday, when someone I friended on Goodreads read this one. It looked fun, and right up my alley.

And did it turn out to be that way? Yes, though it wasn’t because of the so-called timelessly appealing art (What was so appealing to it?), but because of the adorable story with wonderful, sweet characters. Characters like the Miss Clavel, Madeline, but also the other girls.

Especially Madeline quickly turned to a favourite with her bravery, but also with how she stood out from all the others. I did feel terribly sorry for her when that event happened, though it seems she doesn’t mind she got something to show off, and also her daddy sent her quite a few nice new gifts to enjoy.

I loved how the story introduced us to the group of children and their caretaker, how they go through their day with excursions, trips, and more. It does seem oh so much fun, though I do have to say I might not be all too happy if I were dragged outside while it rained.

As I said, the art, meh. I am not sure what the appeal is. It did seem that some scenes got more attention then others (especially if those scenes featured French buildings). But mostly I just focused on the text as that was way nicer.

All in all though I would recommend this one, and I will see if I can find the other books in this series.


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