Review for Me and My Cat

Review for Me and My Cat

811p2oJu0SLI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this sounded cuter than it actually was. It is just a bunch of illustrations showing a cat and her owner (+ her brother as well I believe). What kind of things they do together, or at least do while being in each others neighbourhood.
We can see the cat doing typical cat things. Chasing butterflies, sleeping everywhere, sitting on your lap at inappropriate times, and more. We also see what the kitty doesn’t like.

The last part of that sentence, what the kitty doesn’t like, comes back at the end with a note from the cat him/herself. It was a nice touch, but it felt a bit out of place. From a fluffy book, to a suddenly serious note.

The art however is what made the book fun, and it is also what saved it from getting a 1.5 star. I just love the style of the art and the colours that were used (not too bright, but also not too dull, just perfect for this picture book).

Would I recommend this book? Yes, and no. Yes, for the art and the fluffiness. No for the boringness and the sudden serious note at the end.


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