Review for Paper Girls Vol.1

Review for Paper Girls Vol.1

28204534Seriously, what the f did I read?

Because that is how I feel, even when I finished this book, I still have absolutely no clue what happened in the book, or how it happened, or what happens next, or why it happened. I just don’t even know what I read. Something about aliens, time travellers, death, destruction, and girls who are supposed to be 12, but I would say are more like 14/15.

I thought this would just be another fun graphic novel/comic to read, but instead I just wish I hadn’t even touched this one. 4 girls who don’t know each other, or maybe only by name, suddenly bond over newspapers in one night, and then suddenly crap happens, and more crap happens, and then suddenly it is over with a cliffhanger. Wow. Wow, and what the hell?
It all just felt unnatural and weird. Also these girls are supposed to be 12??? Hahahaaha, sorry I don’t believe one iota of that.

It was nice to give the aliens/whatever they were a language, but sorry that definitely didn’t help the whole what the hell is going on and figuring that one out. If anything it made me more confused. Maybe it would have been nice if we had a translation somewhere? So we know what those guys and everyone else said?

Then there is the whole who is right, and who is not right. Is it the teenagers? Is it the oldies?

The art was truly the only thing that saved this comic. I really liked how it was drawn.

But other than that? I wouldn’t recommend this book. Really, I won’t. 😐


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