Review for Sui Youbi Vol.3

Review for Sui Youbi Vol.3

978-4040675572Finally I could find volume 3 and I was really excited, this manga is just so cute, adorable, fluffy, and sweet.

And it was indeed quite a cute volume, though I have to say I didn’t enjoy the first 2 chapters that much. It was about the friend of our husband, and while I did kind of liked the story and I felt sad for him and what happened to him, I still would rather have had more Sui and Tada stuff.

Also I would love to see some more romance (They are married, aren’t they?), and that Sui is talking more. I am not sure how much time has passed, but why is Sui still unable to talk (with the exception of a few words here and there). I think it would really improve the manga if we would see Sui actually learn words, and try to speak. Sure, it is cute the way it goes now, with her nodding along, and apparently understanding, and it is part of the charm of Sui.

So the manga has 2 things going on in this one. First up is the sports meet (and all that happens there, I loved what Sui did, she is amazing) and then preparation for and going to the hot springs.
I loved the hot springs, and also the mom (because her kids (who are friends with Sui/Tada) are coming along, and I just laughed at how much she tried to make sure the trip would go well).

The ending was just so adorable, I am so happy to see that happening, it was a nice surprise, not only for our couple, but also for the readers.

The art is still lovely, and I can see it getting even better with each volume.

Even with a few things that I didn’t like, it was still a great volume and I enjoyed it immensely. I would really recommend this one. 🙂


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