Review for Teen Titans Go! Vol.2 – Welcome to the Pizza Dome

Review for Teen Titans Go! Vol.2 – Welcome to the Pizza Dome

617mGeu72sLI was happy to see that there would be another bundling of this series. I am still watching the show, and loving it, so I was eagerly waiting for this comic bundle to come out.

Well, I have to say this one was not as good as the previous one. Why? Well the art. It just seemed like someone just threw some stuff together in Paint at times. 😐 And that is such a darn shame, as this is a graphic novel and it does rely on graphics quite a lot. It is just a shame they didn’t put more effort in it, or at least it seemed so. Sure, this comic moves around quite a lot, but that is still no reason to just make the art seem fast and hurried as well.

The stories were fun though, and I was happy to see the characters again in this format. They are really the same as in the TV-shows which is a delight. Sometimes different media have characters have different personalities, so I am happy when things are the same throughout things.
Yep, Robin is still annoying as hell (then again, not hearing his voice is a relief). Starfire is still oblivious to everything. Raven is still awesome (especially when she shows different sides to who she is). Cyborg and Beast Boy, well they are still the same rambunctious duo.

We got stories ranging from a slumber girl party to playing a game so much that they don’t even notice their tower is practically gone. 😀 I really laughed a lot at all the antics.

All in all, the comic is a lot of fun, though I do hope they will up the art and make that one better.


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