Review for The Great Snortle Hunt

Review for The Great Snortle Hunt

15938781I read this book in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English!

I do have to say I love how they translated the “monster’s” name in Dutch. From Snortle in English to Grompel in Dutch. I love this name, and I think it fits just perfect with the “monster”.

The story was also just brilliant, how these characters decide to, based on a book (best reason to go to a trip ever), go visit the Grompel. Because they want to know if he is real or not. And if they will survive visiting him. I just had such a big laugh, and with each passing page I was getting more and more excited to finally see that “monster”. I wanted to know where he lived, and if he was truly as bad as they said he was. In the meantime we also meet a new friend who accompanies us on the journey, an while he startled me (and also our friends in the book), I was happy to see him and add some extra fun to the book.

The whole Grompel part, well that was just so much fun, and I loved how that part was drawn, I just couldn’t wait to flip the pages and see the big scary Grompel. And when we did find him, I was just laughing, this was the scary Grompel? I won’t say much more, you will have to find out yourself and see what you think of the Grompel.

One thing that did bother me though, and maybe it is the translation, was the fact that the story/pages didn’t seem to connect right at times. Events would happen hodgepodge, while in overall the story was connected, various pages and how they connected to the next seemed off at times.

The art is just absolutely fabulous, but then again it is Kate Hindley, and I just adore her style of drawing. There are just so many details, some pages just are a feast for the eye!

I would highly recommend this fun book to everyone.


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