Review for Twinkle Tames a Dragon

Review for Twinkle Tames a Dragon

978-1444919646I read this book in Dutch, but I will be writing a review in English so that I can share with more people how lovely, fun, cute this book is!

Because it was exactly that, it was fluffy, it was cute, it was very pink, and in the end also very sparkly! However, there was also a twist that made the book even more fun. The pet the girl gets when she has reached the right age. You would think a girl like this would get a fluffy pet, but instead this girl gets a dragon. You can imagine the chaos, but also the fun that comes from that. She has no idea how to handle a dragon.

And well, the dragon does act like a dog, or even a cat does. Chewing on everything, claiming everything as their own, not caring much about commands, or if your owner says anything. But he was also really cute, adorable, and sweet, and he shows he can listen (of course if he wants to) something that he showed at the pet show that the Fairy Godmother gave. I won’t give more away, but I did love what the dragon did there. Aww. <3

I really love the world of Twinkle, and I will be sure to see if I can find the other books at the library, because I want to see how this series started (this is apparently the third book).

The art is just adorable and cute. I just love how all the characters look, but also the backgrounds are just sweet and lovely. Of course there is also a lot of pink! 😀

Would I recommend this book? Oh yes, I would. Fairies, a pet no one expects, pink and glitters, and more!


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