Review for Vroom! Kevin’s Big Book of Vehicles

Review for Vroom! Kevin’s Big Book of Vehicles

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.25986821

What a delightful book this was! I love books about vehicles, so when I spotted this one on Netgalley I knew I just had to get this one and read it as soon as I could.

I am really happy with how the book is formatted. At times when I get an e-copy of a book, especially a picture book, the pages are broken up. You would see one side and then would have to swipe/tap to see the next page. It is quite annoying to do so when reading a picture book. But this one did it right. It just showed the two pages in one go. Sure, the text was a bit tiny, but my eyes are thankfully still in good condition so even if I had to squint a bit, I could still read it. 🙂

The book is all about vehicles. Because Kevin loves vehicles, all of them. Each of them has a special meaning to him. The book tells us about all sorts of vehicles in a fun, happy, colourful way. You will learn about tractors, about cars, about what kind of items will be handled by what vehicle. But also you will have pictures in which you have to connect things together, or find things, or figure out which item goes with what vehicle. I love it when books are interactive and connect with the reader, try to get them to be active and help out with things. Learning about vehicles is already fun, but this book certainly makes it even more fun.

It is a great big book, and I also love how the text is formatted, it is playful, fun, and I am sure kids will love it, even if they can’t read it, the way you have to tell this story is just such a delight. It hops and skips around.

I love the art, it is quite simple, but really fun to see. I also love it when artists combine photography with illustrations (which this book does at times).

All in all, I am delighted with this book, and I would highly recommend it. Do you, or your kid love vehicles? Be sure to check out this big book, you won’t be disappointed.


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