Book Haul Vacation 2016

Book Haul Vacation 2016

Hello everyone!

I am back again from my almost 3 week vacation! I had a lot of fun, was able to swim, and also was able to read through a whole lot of books (post on ‘what did I read during my vacation’ is coming soon).

I wasn’t able to resist the lure of new (but also some older books). I already posted about Deventer Boekenmarkt (see here), but I also went to several bookstores (and I bought 1 book at a Kinderboekenhuis (a post for that plus lots of pictures is coming soon), and 2 older books at a store where one could place their own stuff to be sold) when I went on day-trips to a city. Yes, a bookworm never rests, a bookworm never stops buying books. 😀 My boyfriend is calling me an addict, especially during one day when we were going back to the camping, and I was mentioning my 3 books I bought that day, and he said I bought 5. Haha, oops. 😛 I may have a small, very small, problem.

So here is my haul from the vacation. 🙂 2 books don’t have links (no ISBNs, way too old, nor are they found on, and the other 2 lead to due to them not being on Goodreads (as I already added about 15 books today from my vacation, so I wasn’t in the mood to add more).




Waar komt hagelslag vandaan? by INL
Het weer in 30 seconden by Dr. Jen Green
Foeksia en het Beestenfeest by Paul van Loon, Saskia Halfmouw
De Vijf weer op Kirrin Eiland by Enid Blyton
De strijd om de macht by Eva Burgers
Tot de dood ons scheidt by Eva Burgers
Dries en de Weerwolf by Annie M.G. Schmidt, Martijn van der Linden
[School en verkeer by E. Kieft, H.A. van Eisden] [Eisen voor rijvaardigheid by H.M.W. Westerlaken]

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