Review for A Week of Mondays

Review for A Week of Mondays

25688998A week of Mondays, it sounds like hell right? Mondays are nobody’s favourite day, and can you imagine living through it for a week.

The first thing that went through my head when I saw the description was: Ohhh, Endless Eight (Haruhi!), forever the same day(s) over and over again. What will you change? What will you do? Will you follow the same thing all the time? How will you handle it when everything you think would make a chance, everything you try, won’t bring a new Tuesday?

It was really interesting to see how Ellison was going through the days. At first she didn’t know what was going on, then she tried x, and y, then z, and of course it inevitably went to hell, which I could so understand. Reliving the same day over and over again. A day which isn’t the nicest with a mean girl (I really disliked her, but what happened with the bread…. urgh), a speech to be told (urgh speeches, I know the feeling of standing in front of class or school and having to talk), to your boyfriend who is on the one hand happy with you, but then breaks up with you. Can you imagine if this happens all the time? I would go crazy as well.

Quite soon though I knew what the universe wanted of Ellison. It was quite obvious from the second Monday.

Owen was adorable and really my favourite guy, he was sweet, kind, nice, and how can Ellison not notice what was going on with the guy? She was just so oblivious to it all and I was just getting a bit annoyed at how infatuated she was with Tristan that she apparently never noticed. 😐
I just loved how Owen often reacted to the whole Monday story, though I have to say I got this image in my head each time she tried/had to explain it to him:

Tristan however was just bleh. Sure, he was cute and he did seem nice, but apparently he was just in there for the wrong reasons (considering the effects of one particular Monday). I totally didn’t like his reasons for breaking up. Seriously guy, first you hug her, you kiss her, you are happy with her (and also various other things depending on the Monday), but then you break up for crappy reason at the end of the day? Whut?

I was worried that maybe the Mondays would all be the same, but as I said earlier she is going through stages. But next to that, yes, there are changes. Some things are the same, but she does change a lot. Not only in clothes or how she acts, but also with what she does at those events. While it was a sad moment, I did like the moment were she said screw this to the whole Monday being played all over.

Ellison really grows up in this book, sure it is with hardships, but I loved how much difference there was between the start Ellison, and the end Ellison.

I did like the parts in between the Mondays. Those parts that will tell us about how Tristan and Ellison met, and then end with the fight before the first Monday. They really do make a cute couple, though I was a bit worried over how Ellison was just giving up everything for the guy.

The ending was just perfection, and yes, I cried a few tears in happiness. I won’t spoil anything though, so you will have to find out yourself what happens.

Yes, this book will make you laugh, you will want to cheer for the characters, you will want to fly through the book to know how it all ends.

Definitely highly recommended! It features a theme (looping through the same day) which is hard to do, you need to make it interesting enough that people will want to stay around, and I have to say that Jessica Brody did it perfectly.


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