Review for D.Gray-man Vol.1

Review for D.Gray-man Vol.1

568454Ah yes, I still love this series, I know I saw about 50 episodes of it long time ago, and also read some volumes of the manga, but I never finished. This was just so good. Happy to see Allen again. 😀

I decided to re-read this one, I didn’t really want to start a big book right before my vacation, and also all the books I really wanted to read are now boxed up and ready for my vacation (yes, I am writing this review before my vacation starts).

In this one we first meet with Allen, we find out about his history, about why he looks the way he does (though I am sure there is more backstory in the future, as there are still enough questions left), we also see him travel around to get to the Black Order, while his master is once again on the run (which always makes me laugh, though I also feel sorry for Allen that he is stuck to such an eccentric master).

I loved seeing Allen travel, and also do some exorcism stuff. He meets some people who I hope we will meet again in the future. I did feel sorry for the people he met, and their circumstances. I can’t imagine how much it must hurt to find out your loved one, or your friend is an Akuma. 🙁

The Earl was creepy as I remembered him, and I can’t wait to read more about his backstory, we do find out some stuff, but the Earl is still a big fluff ball of mystery.

The Black Order, and what happened there, I just laughed so much. Ah, Kanda being Kanda (pissy as always), Komui (an idiot as always, just loved how everyone was just sighing at the fact that he failed once again), and we also meet other characters. It sure was a delight to see everyone again, and to see Allen truly start his exorcist job.

The art is really pretty, and I just love how everyone is drawn, but I also love all the little details that are scattered through the pages. <3

All in all, I will be sure to read more of this manga, I am not sure if I will write a review for each of these volumes though. Maybe for a few or maybe I will bundle them.


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