Review for Dotty Detective and the Great Pawprint Puzzle

Review for Dotty Detective and the Great Pawprint Puzzle

30132092The second book in the series, and it was just as fun as the first one.

If not more fun, because I was delighted to see all my favourite characters again and see what they do in this book. What kind of mystery will be solved? What trails of crime will we follow? What will we learn about Dotty, and also McClusky in this book? Will there be more books? (Both the last questions can be answered with a resounding YES!)

This time we have a mystery that is taking place at Dotty’s House. Yes, you hear me right, the action takes place in our dear detective’s own place. Such excitement! I have to say that the mystery was quite easy solved (so many clues, so many hints), but it took Dotty until the end before she finally knew what was going on. Not only with the mysterious sounds (ohhhhh), mysterious nibbles being taken out of things, food disappearing, but also with her dear dog McClusky, who seems to be under the weather in this book (for good reasons as it turns out, something I didn’t find out until later, I thought he had another reason to be like he was).
I loved the fact that they thought it was ghosts (I can imagine why), and how Beans just kept on thinking it was that, which caused poor Dotty to be not quite happy about everything, and even being scared at night at home. Poor girl. 🙁

While I knew the mystery quite early on, it was still fun to see if I was right, and to see how characters would react to it. I won’t spoil much, but believe me that you will go awwww, and squeee.

I also loved the parts that took place outside of Dotty’s house. Her school, her classes, they all sound like so much fun, I just want to jump in and participate.

I will stick what I said about the format in my review for the first book. It is such a delight how this book is formatted.

The illustrations are still lovely, and they are a delight for the eyes.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book to bits, and you can imagine that I squealed when I found out there will be another book about Dotty, Beans, and McClusky. Yes, there will be a new one! cheers

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Looking for a cute book with mystery and fun characters? Then be sure to check this one out.


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