Review for Gabriel Dropout 1

Review for Gabriel Dropout 1

ガヴリールドロップアウト 1I saw on Crunchyroll that this manga would get an anime, I just had to try it because the art, but also the story sounded awesome. Plus I can’t possibly wait until this one finally airs as anime. 😀

The manga is about Gabriel, well at least at first, quite soon we have 2 other characters as well. A devil with a good heart: Weinette. And a devil who is trying really hard but doesn’t have a clue about life: Satanya/Satanika.
Gabriel is supposed to be an angel, and a top-ranked one at that, but as soon as she gets to earth she is tempted by all sorts of things (games, clothes, etc.) and she turns exceptionally lazy. 😀 Also she does quite some stuff that is not fitting for an angel.

You can imagine how hilarious this gets. She is supposed to have come to earth to help out people, go to school, but instead she just lurks at home, playing games (well, until Weinette pops up and kills the power cord with her pitchfork).
Each chapter features another story. From school-stories (and the hilarious first one where she, oh no, you will have to find out yourself) to her working at a store. As the stories go on you get to know the girls more and more.

My favourite girl at the moment is Weinette. At times she is really a goody-two-shoes, but sometimes, boy, you don’t want to get on her devil side, because she will kick your butt. But I also love her goody side, because she is so friendly and kind (though I had a big laugh when she was afraid for a cockroach, girl, you are a demon/devil, how can you be afraid of that?).

Satanya, when I first saw her I was worried she might turn out to be annoying, but instead I am just laughing all the time at what she does, and her evil deeds that she tries to do (tries is the big word here, she tries a lot).

Also at chapter 6 we get a new angel… or well. I am not sure what is wrong in this world, but Raphael is pretty… well… let me just say she looks like an angel, and sounds like one, but that is all that is angelic. 😀

I really love the art and how it looks. I also like how the angels and demons look, and how different they are from the inside.

All in all, this is one series that I can’t wait to get an anime. I will definitely watch it! And I would recommend it to everyone who needs a funny story with good characters.


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