Review for I Could Pee on This, Too: And More Poems by More Cats

Review for I Could Pee on This, Too: And More Poems by More Cats

28645638I love all the poem books written/made by Francesco Marciuliano, so I was very delighted when I found out there would be a new one.

At first glance I thought it would be a repeat of the first book or maybe a bundle with the best poems, but then I found out it was a new book. With new poems. With new photographs that will make you laugh and squee.

I am normally not a poetry person. I tend to avoid them, I am not sure why, but poetry is just not my thing. But for some reason I just love these poems. They are funny, they are hilarious, and they perfectly show us how cats are. I don’t have cats of my own, but I have seen enough cats in my life, read about them, that I know these poems are just spot on.

The poems vary from every day things (like a cat throwing down a bottle of spaghetti sauce, and immediately getting distracted by the meatballs) to a cat realising that he would be in jail for the stuff he does if he was a human. 😛

All the poems made me laugh out loud and I had a lot of fun reading them. The photographs are cute as always (who can resist cute cats). I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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