Review for Lulu Loves The Library

Review for Lulu Loves The Library

baff65d8-a79f-4669-8351-fa202442bc11I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing this review in English so more people can know about this book.

Because, boy, this book is super adorable, cute, fluffy, and perfect for us bookworms. Going to the libraries is such a magical thing, and I was just delighted to see how Bibi (or Lulu/Lola) loves going to the library. She was all eager at super early in the morning, and all done with putting in her books in a bag even before they had to leave.
Most kids I see going to the library are totally the opposite, they just run around screaming, or just don’t care about the books and instead play the games on the PCs that the library has. So yes, I love it when there is a kid, even if fictional, who loves libraries for the books, for the stories.

And then the trip, and also the whole time at the library (story time, finding new books, and even singing), and then what happens afterwards. It was just one trip of squee and cuteness. It made me want to go to the library, even though I just came back from it. 😀

The art is also pretty cute, and really fun. It was so fun to see Bibi’s expressions when she got to the library, when she found new books, when a book was read to her. The artist really captured them well.

All in all, this is a great book for bookworms little and big. I would recommend it.


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