Review for Marge in Charge

Review for Marge in Charge

30167966Fun book, but not what I expected.

It also held several inconsistencies (next to the whole Marge who was a case on her own). Here are some of them:

First up balloons don’t float upwards if you just blow them up with your breath.
Neither will they magically fill up and make a roof so it stays dry under it.
What is a 4 year old and a 7 year old doing in the same class?
Why can an old lady just barge into school and do all sorts of things?

Then there is Marge. Marge who I liked at the beginning, but at the end of the first story I was annoyed with her attitude and how she let the kids do everything in the end. I also don’t really like her stories. Sure, it is a nice addition, but they are so over-the-top, so much like lying, that I was getting annoyed with it and everyone believing her. Even the adults are seemingly OK with it. That the kids fall for it, I can imagine, but the adults as well?

So yes, I am tagging this one as fantasy because of Marge, the inconsistencies and several other things.

It is a shame, I was really looking forward to this book, and sure, it was still good, but I expected something more down-to-earth. Still with funny things happening, but less lying and less magical crap. Just a fun book about a baby-sitter and the kids she babysits, and not some magical story where an old lady does everything she wants her way, no matter how much chaos, crap or other stuff that causes. Bah. 🙁 Like oh hey, we can test this present you bought for someone and fill it up with apple juice and just make a fucking mess. 😐

There were some fun parts, but in general I was just rolling my eyes. And yes, maybe I am not the right age for this, but I can guarantee you, if I was a kid (and my English levels were good enough to read this book) I would probably have been annoyed at Marge as well. I am just not the type for these kind of characters, a bit of silliness is fun, but this? No.

The book is split up in 3 stories. The first is where we meet Marge, the second is about a birthday party, and the last one is about Marge going magically to school with the kids.

2.5 stars, mostly because I liked the illustrations, and some of the parts in the book were funny.


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