Review for Nathalia Buttface and the Embarrassing Camp Catastrophe

Review for Nathalia Buttface and the Embarrassing Camp Catastrophe

27839310The 5th book in the series and it just keeps getting better.

Though I have to say I do wonder how that school of Nathalia’s hasn’t been closed yet. I mean, the kids don’t learn anything there. How is it that kid can just get 12% on a test and walk away with it? Why doesn’t Nathalia or any of her classmates know the basic stuff? They are 10-12 years, yet I have the feeling their brains are at times 4-5 year old. Which is just a shame. I can imagine you might not know everything, but not know anything…. What?

This time we are going camping thanks to Darius (or is it Nathalia’s essay). Say hello to an eco-camp. Yep, eco-camp. Camping in a yurt on muddy/rocky ground, digging a dunny in the middle of nowhere, horrible food (I laughed at the various descriptions of it). And it isn’t only Nat’s school that is going, there is also a super fancy school that is popping up. And if you think all this sounds fun, add an embarrassing dad to the mix, and you get a week full of embarrassment, laughs, jokes, and of course lots of Darius doing everything he can and being himself. Which means no one is save and everyone suddenly is wondering how Darius is still allowed anywhere.

At times I didn’t like Nat, how she was just a bitch to people who were her friends (like Penny, she was really harsh towards this girl), or Darius (though then again, I can imagine why she might act like this around him, then again, he does also have another side that is quite different). Luckily as the book continues Nat learns a lesson, I do hope that she will not forget about it.

But all in all, I really enjoyed this book and I just laughed my butt off during several moments in the book (like when Nat’s sleeping bag gets stuck to a giant weather-balloon and she is flying, or when Nan decided to visit the little town nearby (that is just disaster, right there)).

I also really liked Rufus, he was a great addition to the book, I wouldn’t have minded more of him.

I do wonder what has happened to the plans to move Nat to another school (her dad was comparing the posh school that was at the camp with Nat’s school). Maybe I missed that part, or maybe it wasn’t mentioned.

Of course Nat’s mom also makes an appearance, and oh dear, it didn’t bode well for Nat’s dad (then again, he quite deserved it).

It was also fun to see Nat’s dad again, I do have to say that while he is a bumbling idiot he has his heart in the right place and he does try his best.

The illustrations were just brilliant, it made it even better (while I didn’t have any problems visualising any of the parts in the book). 😀

I do hope there will be another Nathalia Buttface book, I do so love this series.


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