Review for Pirate Queen

Review for Pirate Queen

16250719I spotted this book and I was curious. Of course I was also worried, how would this girl turn out. I have read enough books where girls want to be a queen (or princess) and they were absolutely horrendous in their attitude.

But not this girl. Oh no, she just wants to become queen of everything. From pirates to beauty. In this book it focuses on the pirate part. She wants to proof to the world (or well boys in her class) that girls can be pirates too. So she goes full pirate. With a hat, a crew, a flag, and much more. It was a delight to see her have so much fun, and that she really got into the role.
I also loved seeing her friends participate and also become pirates.

She was really sweet towards Bart Black, I loved what she did for him, she has her heart at the right place.

The thing she did to take revenge on Cole? I loved it! I hope he will stop being such a mean person to her and finally accept the whole pirate thing.

There was one big thing that I didn’t like. The fact that during a treasure hunt she buried jewellery made of gold in the back-garden of their “hideout”. What did you think would happen girl? Are you stupid?

There are also illustrations, they were a bit simplistic, but I still liked them and I thought they fitted the story perfectly. The idea of black/white/pink as a theme for all illustrations is a great one, I see other books do it as well and it makes the book pop/give it something extra.

But other than that this was a delightful book, and I will definitely keep an eye out for others in the series.


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