Review for Reading is for Idjits

Review for Reading is for Idjits

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.idjits cover

Well I am sorry, but this was just terrible. Why can’t Morton read yet? He looks old enough to be at school (4 years+), so why the hell can’t this kid read. And now, don’t tell me, but he thinks reading is for idjits, and books are boring to him. But come on, this is just freaking ridiculous. Some of those signs should also be the FIRST anyone should learn. And why don’t the parents go with him if he is so hot on not reading, and apparently not learning anything at school (Where are the teachers????)? All the situations in the book could have been prevented if they just went with him, or kept a closer eye on him, sure he still can’t read, but at least he wouldn’t be dying every page. 😐

And then the solution to the problem? Seriously, it is so unbelievable that I was just shaking my head. So all the time he didn’t want to, but suddenly, and by blackmail, and magically he reads all the books without problems? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, no, that is not how it works. 😐

I also didn’t particularly like the art. Sorry. 🙁

This sounded like a great book, and I was interested in it, but then I get this. No thank you.


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