Review for The Royal Wedding Crashers

Review for The Royal Wedding Crashers

Haha, I thought this series couldn’t get any better, but then it did with this book!23848597

The girls (and also Pepino) still want to go on a Holy Moly Holiday, sadly, they are still without any money. So they are looking for a job (still love those jobs they have at that jobcentre), when they get the opportunity to organise a wedding in Parii (yes, Parii, I so do love the names of the countries in this book, though I do wonder how much Americanada will like it).

The whole mystery and what is going on with the garlic, and several other things, wellllll, I had a suspicion, though I do have to say that I wasn’t 100% correct, it was more like 90%. Still, it was a fairly easy guess, but it was still fun to get all the hints and clues, and also to see our gang back in action. I do have to say that even though the jobs aren’t easy, the girls are pretty lucky to be able to get such jobs, and even do them.

I also loved the whole royal thing and what the traditions/customs were in that country. (Boy, I don’t want a royal in that country.) But I also liked the protests (and how confused our characters were, as they didn’t know pain meant bread). The book is really chock-full with events.

And while I already had my suspicions this world was magical, we get some more evidence and proof during this trip. I won’t spoil anything though, but I did love it a lot. It just matched the book perfectly, and it wasn’t even that strange. If anything, I was kind of hoping we would see more evidence.

I felt sorry for Holly, and for what happened to her. 🙁 Though I had a laugh with what Pepino said when it happened, and also later on during a rescue mission. 😛

The ending was just pure perfection, and I did love the twist at the end. Woot, woot.

Did the kids get some money for the Holy Moly Holiday? Well, you will have to find out!

Of course the book is once again illustrated by Becka Moor, her artwork is lovely, and it was fun to see how the new characters looked (but also several other things).

Would I recommend this book? Oh yes! If you want to laugh your butt off then be sure to check this one out.


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