Review for Travels with Charlie: Way Down South

Review for Travels with Charlie: Way Down South

111291I spotted this one at a bargain shelf at the ABC bookstore, and I just had to have it. Sure, the cover didn’t pull me in, but the contents and how it looked from the inside sure did. I just love learning more about other countries and what is important or fun in each part of a country.

This picture book is all about the south part of America. From Alabama to Florida. Each chapter will talk about one state and mention the flag, a few facts. The next page has a picture with various fun or interesting things that that state has. From Fort Knox in Kentucky, to Biloxi Shrimp Festival in Mississippi, to White Water Rafting in Virginia. It was such a delight, mostly because I didn’t know about most of these things. I learned a whole lot about the southern part of America.

And in a fun way even. Because before you get to the map/picture you have a bunch of questions which require you to search for said thing asked for. Not only attractions or festivals, but also rivers, beaches and other geographical stuff. And of course don’t forget Charlie who has gone somewhere on that map/picture and you will have to find him. Where will you find him in each state? Sometimes he is on a boat, sometimes he is sleeping while others are picking apples.

I just wish I could go to several of the things mentioned in this book, some truly sound like something I would enjoy. Like the Mammoth Cave, or seeing Mississippi riverboats, or see Florida with its beaches and sun.

I also loved the last 2 pages filled with riddles and fun things to find in all the states that you just learned/read about. Loved it! It just gives that extra loveliness to it. <3

I also saw there were other books in this series exploring the other states as well. As soon as I get back from vacation I will be sure to get 1 or all of them. 😀

The art is pretty decent, it fits the book. Some little details made me laugh (like the little kid getting startled in the Mammoth Cave, or see how the characters react on the Incline Railroad).

Yep, I would definitely recommend this one. It is fun, it is educational, and it is interactive.


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