Review for Wax

Review for Wax

23454794Ladies and gentlemen, Gina Damico did it again. She wrote a book that was funny, it was sad, it was creepy (and definitely unsettling), it was mysterious, it was everything you would want.

I have been reading this author’s books since the Croak series, and I can tell you that I love all of her books. Every time however I do worry, would this be the first book I like less, or even don’t like? But then I start reading, get slurped up in the world of the book, and even afterwards I stay stuck in the world. The same happened with Wax, I tried out the ebook at first, but after 3 pages I knew I just had to have this one in physical form.

It took 4 days, but the book finally got delivered yesterday! And I took my time reading it, savouring it as much as I could, until I just had to finish it today, I had to know what happened, I had to see what the ending would bring.

The book brings a topic that isn’t new. There are enough (horror) shows and books about the topic of wax people, living wax people, turning into a wax statue. But this one does bring the topic a new flame. This book doesn’t pack in the frights or the scares, instead it settles on a creepy and unsettling feeling throughout the book, gaining momentum as the climax and the ending approach. I wasn’t scared as much as I was just creeped out by everything, the idea that wax people can just take over and that none would be the wiser. Your neighbour could be a wax figure, or even your friends and family. Boy…. Anyone could just disappear, even the MC was at risk.

I loved the MC, I really did. From the start to the end she was the best character (of course next to Dud, who was just amazing). I felt sorry for her, for what she had to go through (though it was such a typical Gina Damico scenario (and I mean this kindly), who else could think of what happened to this girl), and I was all for her revenge plans. Though those quickly evaporate when poo hits the fan and she has to do all sorts of things to prevent stuff from happening.
I did love how she reacted to a kinder Blake. Many YA books would turn this in a romance, but no need to worry. She does seem to care more for him, and also see a different side, but she is still wary and will also be sure to let him know what she thinks of him.
Our girl is brave, she is smart, but I also like how she reacts to people, she has a certain snark that made me laugh. Especially during the moments with Dud.

Jill, well, I did like the girl in the beginning, but then she turned in a big jerkwad. Which is just a darn shame. Though I could forgive it for most, for one reason, and that I can’t say as that would be a spoiler. I do have some questions about that reason, yes, I know this sounds confusing, but you will just have to read the book.

Dud. Ah Dud, my second favourite character. He was just so sweet, kind, curious, interesting, and I just loved seeing him grow, see him learn. See him make a life, learn about emotions, learn about humans. Yes. Dud was amazing, and he deserves all the happiness in life. Sure, at times I could just feel how Poppy felt, he kept asking endless questions, over and over again, I can imagine why, since he doesn’t know anything, but I can also see why Poppy would at times just sigh at it all.

I definitely have to give points to Poppy’s wonderful, fun family. They were just the best and I loved how supportive her parents were, and how they tried to be there for Poppy.

I loved the whole candle factory and the big secret behind it. I love how things escalated from small things, to bigger things, to the final battle. I was really proud of Poppy, it must have been scary but she didn’t falter, she just continued, battled on.
I also love the message from the old lady (and also the revelations about everything in her life as the story continued).

Plus I just love it when an author adds an extra chapter with how our characters are doing x time after. This one was just perfection and made me squee so loud. <3

The plan was amazing and brilliant. The added times were a nice touch, as it gave an idea on how the plan was unfolding and what happened when. And you could see how fast everything was unfolding, within the span of a bit over an hour the plan was set in motion and everything fell into place. It was also interesting to see what happened from other people’s POV. We could see Anita and Preston, but also Big Bob, and others. At some parts of the plan I was just laughing so much, as it felt straight out of some silly action movie. 😛

The chapter titles being crossed out? Perfect, especially considering Poppy and her endless lists.

Next to the creepiness and unsettling feeling there was also enough comedy and parts that just had me in stitches. Gina Damico truly knows how the weave a story with sprinkles of comedy, but make them not too much, just the right amount, at the right moments. And some lightheartedness at times was just a delight, a moment reprieve from all the creepiness and waxiness.

There is also a smell of Young Love in the air. Which I just loved, I won’t of course spoil anything, so you will have to find out the who’s and what’s yourself.

The ending was really great, and I was happy for everyone, though also sad for others. 🙁

I think I mentioned everything I wanted to, the review turned out quite long. I would really recommend this book to everyone. Looking for a creepy, unsettling read with some comedy and love sprinkled over it? Then try Wax!


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