What I Hope To Read September 2016

What I Hope To Read September 2016

Greetings everyone,

It is already almost September, one of my favourite months, because my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up. But it is also a month that is between summer and autumn. Will we be having summer weather or will we be getting more autumn weather. I for one will miss the summer, but I will also embrace the season of autumn again. Time for hot chocolate, for curling up on the couch with a warm blanket when it rains. Yes, I don’t mind autumn that much. 🙂

This month I got quite a few books that I want to read, and books that I also pre-ordered. I am especially excited about my pre-orders, several books I have been waiting for are finally coming out and I just need them in my life now. Also unlike most months I really got a huge stack of pre-orders!

What books do you want to read in September? Anything not on my list but something you would highly recommend? Let me know!





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