Library Haul 10-9-2016

Library Haul 10-9-2016

Hello everyone!

So I went to Library #4. Due to me still being a bit sick, I asked my boyfriend to come with me (he can drive and Library #4 is quite a bit away). Why I am going to the library when I am sick? Well, a bit of a long story. I had a book that I had to get back, it was a Sprinter book apparently. For some reason Library #4 has the same stickers for both New and Sprinter books. Orange, triangle/roundish stickers. Same size even. The words are different, but my mind apparently skipped over that when I spotted the book. Sprinter books mean that a book has to come back in 1 week. However, I didn’t spot that sticker a few days before my vacation in August. Then right when I got back from my vacation I got really sick, and I am still recovering from that. I got several notifications that they want the book back (duh), and about 1 and a half week ago they sent a letter that the book had to come back in 2 weeks or else I would have to pay a lot of money. So I kindly asked my boyfriend if he would mind driving me all the way to Library #4. He didn’t mind, yay!
I did learn to look even closer to the library books at Library #4. Though of course I do wonder how many others also made the mistake. And why they think it is such a good idea to have the same stickers for stuff. I also wonder why the lady at the desk didn’t say anything back when I borrowed the books (since there was some trouble) back then. I clearly talked about my vacation and how I was going to enjoy these books. 🙁 Oh well, the book is back now and that is what counts the most.

Now for happier stuff, I found 10 lovely new books to enjoy and read! Mostly English, which is a big yay! They also had several newer books which made me happy, as I didn’t expect them here at the library. I am really excited about that Whisper to Me, the Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Zout van de Zee, as I heard a lot about those books.

Here are my new precious books!



The Misadventures of Winnie the Witch by Laura Owen, Korky Paul
Time Travelling With a Hamster by Ross Welford
Het verhaal van Tim Zoemers by Andy Stanton, Ross Collins
Tina Talent: De strijd om de Gouden Kers by Alice Pantermüller, Daniela Kohl
Zout van de zee by Ruta Sepetys
Whisper to Me by Nick Lake
The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor
Top Wildlife Sites of the World by William Burrard-Lucas
Atlas van Verdwenen Steden by Aude de Tocqueville

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