Library Haul 3-9-2016

Library Haul 3-9-2016

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to Library #3 again, and of course (because I keep reserving books), had to go to Library #2 before that. 😛 It was a lovely day to go to Library #3, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect in the middle. I was hoping to find some new books, not only at the library but also at the bookstore. I knew that there were no Dutch books out yet, and sadly the bookstore (the one with the English books) turned out to be a disappointment. 🙁 They didn’t really have any fun bargain books, and while I did spot a fun book to read it was a bit too expensive at their store. (Yes, I am the kind of girl who checks these things, I already buy a lot of books each month. I know it might be rude to do that, but I am glad I can check that stuff these days, before Amazon/Book depository I just bought English books from bookstores, and I kind of wish I knew/had those sites back then, it would have saved me immensely (for instance I remember buying the Twilight books for 20 euro per book). I do want to support bookstores, but sorry, paying 50% more in a bookstore, no. Just no. I will just support bookstores with Dutch books, as those have a fixed price online and offline.)

Now back to the libraries. Library #3 had all sorts of new books, and I was just putting them all on a big stack in my arms. I quickly found my 12 new books (still wish they had a higher limit as I spotted a few more books), and then came the trip back home.

Normally I don’t really add the stack of Library #2, because they are all Dutch, but I thought I would add them this time even if they are all Dutch they are still fun books. 🙂 So the first stack picture is of Library #2, and the second picture is Library #3.





De Schat van Wortelgat by Marco Kunst, Christoph Kirsch
Rivalen by Alyson Noël
100 Interiors Around the World by Balthazar, Laszlo Taschen
Geborgen Bladzijden by Alexandra Zapruder, Natalia Koch, Paul Heijman, Sylvie Hoyinck
Suikermoeder by Marielle Seegers, Karen Kroonstuiver
Opa Appel is de Beste! by Janneke Schotveld, Katrien Holland
Prinses Arabella en Omi by Mylo Freeman
Mam, doe normaal! by Joke Eikenaar
Ik zorg voor mijn… Hamster by Aaron Carr, Anneriek van Heugten, Jannie van der Leer
Dinosaurussen van A tot Z by Hilde Nagel-Peters
Compact en harmonisch: Sociale woningbouw in Den Haag 1850-2015 by Richard Kleinegris, Fred van der Burg, Just de Leeuwe, Kees Volkers

Mosquitoland by David Arnold
Scarlet and Ivy 2: The Whispers in the Walls by Sophie Cleverly
My Brother’s Shadow by Tom Avery
Frog the Barbarian by Guy Bass
The Mighty Frog by Guy Bass
Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher
The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher
The Shadow Keeper by Abi Elphinstone
Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate
Railhead by Philip Reeve
There’s a Monster in my Fridge by Caryl Hart, Deborah Allwright
The Mystery of the Haunted Farm by Elys Dolan

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