Review for Ada Twist, Scientist

Review for Ada Twist, Scientist

28507895Ada Twist, a little girl with a knack for all things science.

She will do anything to find a solution, even though it might frustrate teachers and parents. Also poor cat!

She starts off as a baby, and we see her grow up to a child. We see her first words (of course as expected they would be those). We see her find out that life isn’t always easy, and that people might not be always too happy when she does her experimenting.

I really liked Ada, liked how smart she was, how inventive she was, and how she just doesn’t give up until she knows the answer. A lot of kids would just give up, but not Ada. She has a bright future ahead of her. I do hope her school, her parents, will do anything to make sure she gets the right education. Too many genius kids spend their time at school being bored, so I hope Ada will be spared from that.

But Ada also has enough to learn about real life. She has to learn that using a cat as an experiment is not good, she has to learn that making a mess is OK, but she needs to clean up. Drawing on walls is a no-no.

I loved the older brother, I loved how you could find him in almost every image, pointing at Ada, or calling for his parents when stuff went wrong. It was so much fun to spot him. Would he be in this picture as well? What about the next?

Ada’s parents were really lovely, and they were really kind. Ada really is a lucky girl for having such a wonderful family.

The ending was a bit of a letdown however. It felt like there was supposed to be more, but then it was left to be like this.

The art is fabulous, but then again I knew it would be awesome since David Roberts has such a lovely drawing style (I love his work in the series The Bolds, and Tales of Terror as well).

All in all, I really really enjoyed this book a lot, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series of smart kids.


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