Review for All About Forests

Review for All About Forests

28508550I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this book at Netgalley and knew I had to try it out, it was the perfect book for me, and the cover looked adorable.
Sadly, while the book was pretty good, there were several things that I didn’t like. But, before I start telling you what those are, I will talk about my likes.

What I liked:
-The way the book was split up in various sections. Not only will you learn about trees, but you will also learn about seasons, about animals, and about forests in parts around the world. I really loved that this was done, it made the book fun and even more interesting.
-The photography, it was such a delight to see all the gorgeous photos. I just kept looking at them.
-The fact that it used big words (normally books for kids like to keep it simple) but then carefully, and with simple words, explain what such a word means.
-I also liked the little puzzles spread across the book. Though some just didn’t make much sense.

What I didn’t like:
-The little illustrations dotting the book. It just felt weird, out of place, and I am very sorry to say this, but they were also ugly. Like a little kid had fun scribbling them and they decided to just add them. They were also on several of the photographs and sorry, it just kind of ruined it.
-The way the book was written. While they did do some bigger words (Yay!), everything else felt a bit too simplistic, too short. I had expected a bit more, but before you know it a part is over again and you are whisked to the next one.

All in all though it was a fun book and I did enjoy reading it. I am sure kids will also like it a lot. Even if they can’t read they can still enjoy the lovely photographs that are featured in this book.


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