Review for Amazing Abby: Drama Queen

Review for Amazing Abby: Drama Queen

30138083The second book in the Girls Can Vlog series, and this time we have Abby!

I enjoyed the first one so much, and I was delighted that we will be getting all the other girls as well. The book is formatted the same way as the previous book. We have story, but also the vlogs, while I loved reading them, I wouldn’t mind if there was an actual link to a youtube video with the vlog. 😛

Abby was a pretty good character, though I do wish she would have been more honest about stuff. About Dakota, about her studies, about the pressure. I am sure her mom would have understood it, I am sure her friends would have helped. But now she did all sorts of things (cheating, just ploughing through stuff), and then got into trouble.
But I also felt sorry for her, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed, the feeling of not knowing what to do. But again, she has friends, she has a caring family, just go to them.

But next to all that, she was a fun character, and I was laughing at her flirting with the guys, falling in love with C, but denying that as much as she could, until she couldn’t any more. They had such a great spark together, and they were sooooo cute! It was just adorable. Though I did feel sorry that the other guy she was flirting with turned out to be douche/player (then again, I knew it would end like that, he is that kind of guy).

I was a bit sad that they decided to do the vlog together. It felt a bit disrespectful to Lucy, especially since now they gained most of their subscribers from her channel. But after a while I didn’t mind it much, they did everything together, made a rota so everyone could do a vlog (alone, together, all of them). And of course the vlogs turned out to be very much fun (though also sad in one case).

Dakota was just a terrible, terrible person, and I just wanted to scream at people for not realising it. For the teacher to just blindly trust her, to not see that she was hurting someone badly, that she was ruining it. For everyone else who didn’t stand up.
The last part definitely had me clapping for Abby, I was happy to see it happen, even if it might mean that she will be in more trouble with Dakota later on.

The Grease musical was so much fun, I wish I could have been there to see it.

It was definitely fun to see the other characters again, and the fact that the next book will be about Jessie! Yay!

I would recommend this book to everyone. You will laugh, you will cheer, you will be angry (at Dakota). You will have so much fun!


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