Review for Angela Nicely

Review for Angela Nicely

21012575Yay, I was able to find the first book!

It seems that Angela always has been a bit naughty, and apparently doesn’t learn a lesson from what happens in her life. 😛 Though I guess her plans to sabotage her nemesis Tiffany are working quite fine for her (as seen in this book, and the other book as well). They do backfire, but then something happens that makes everything even better.

This time we have 3 new stories. The first one is about Angela thinking her teacher is wearing a wig (and all her plans to find out), then we have a story about modelling (and the hilarious events that happen there), and lastly Angela’s mom feels fat so she goes to a resort and takes Angela with her. My favourite would be the last one, as I loved how Angela and her mom got along, and how Angela helped out her mom.

I felt a bit sorry for Angela’s friends, as she kept dragging them with her into trouble. Though then again, I am sure the girls could have said no. But I guess that way they won’t know who was right in the end.

Of course the book has illustrations (still my main reason to read this book) by David Roberts, and I really loved seeing them pop up at regular intervals in the book.

All in all, this was yet another delightful, laugh-out-loud Angela book, and I hope I can find the others someday too.


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