Review for Cara’s Kindness

Review for Cara’s Kindness

28755318I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This sounded like a cute picture book, and I was looking forward to it. There aren’t many ice-skating books, especially ones with animals in the lead, so I was curious on how this one would do it. Well, sadly, it is about ice-skating but you barely see any happening. 😐 Instead it is a repetitive show of kindness with constantly the same phrase over and over again. I don’t mind kindness, and I don’t mind it if a kid’s book tries to inspire kids to be kinder, but this was just no. Repetitive, bland, and come on, can’t you use another catchphrase instead of rehashing the same one over and over again, it just felt sugarcoated fake.

And yes, it does end up back to Cara, but by then I was just hoping the book would end already.

The art was the best part of the book, I loved how the illustrations looked, how the characters were drawn, and I also loved the colours used in this book. Rich and colourful.

However, had I known this book was barely about ice-skating and instead about repetition and forced kindness? I wouldn’t have picked up the book at Netgalley.


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