Review for Cupcake Wars

Review for Cupcake Wars

27369552So when I spotted this one I just had to read it. Oh no, not because of the title, no, because I recognised the art, and knew it was David Roberts, who is truly becoming one of my favourite illustrators.

While the book is title Cupcake Wars, the book wasn’t all about the cupcakes. That was just one of the short stories that are found in this book. Each short story is about 3/4 chapters and is filled to the brim with lovely illustrations.

Angela was a really fun character, determined, strong, but also a bit too much at times. When she gets something in her little head she won’t stop. Which was a problem with the story about her and the neighbour. She just doesn’t seem to get the word stop, she just ploughs on. No matter the consequences. Which is a bit of a shame, but I didn’t feel it is a big problem, I am sure she will learn to behave sooner or later.

Tiffany was just a horrendous little girl. Too bad that the teachers and adults always believe her, even though it is clear she is just stealing and being mean.

I really enjoyed this little book, and I will definitely check out if I can find more books in this series.


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