Review for Date With a Rockstar

Review for Date With a Rockstar

23230475This was such a fun book! Dystopia + Bachelor game = love!

I just love books about shows like this, and this one had an extra twist. The world in this book isn’t healthy, or safe, nor is it often a happy place for the people who don’t earn millions of dollars. Most people live in tiny, cramped places. Add to that our MC isn’t perfect, not at all. She is the only one in the group of girls who is poor/doesn’t have much, but she also has something different. She got Fluxem.

What is Fluxem? A contagious disease that spreads through saliva (but I believe also through blood). There is a cure, but sadly it costs a whole lot of money ($20k). Money that most don’t have. If you wait to long you will get symptoms. Like sores full of pus. 🙁
What this means? She can’t kiss. But Fluxem is also a sickness that brings a stigma with it.

She has the chance to participate in the dating show with rockstar hotty Jeremy Bane. She has 1 big reason for it, the one who gets the guy, also gets $30k. At first I was worried it would be just about the money, but we do quickly find out the girl definitely has an interest in the guy, she loves his music, it helped her through some tough times.
Sure, a lot of times she does try to remind herself that she is totally not falling for him, that she is just doing it for the cure, but we as readers clearly can see, very quickly, that she is falling for him, falling hard. And boy, did I love the romance and the spark between them.

I hear you thinking, but she is in a dating show, she probably doesn’t have much time with the guy. Oh, how wrong you are. He is also in the same hotel as they are, and they do meet up at times. Sometimes accidentally, but sometimes also for different reasons.

Monet (love the name) is a really sweet girl, who definitely deserves some happiness in her life. Getting attacked, getting Fluxem, having a harsh life with not much fun things. I really loved her from the start, especially when I saw her fall in love with Jeremy.
She has dreams, she has plans, and while she knows that she probably can’t do them, she keeps on dreaming, keeps on hoping.

The other girls? Well I did love Praline, but most of the other girls either didn’t have a presence, or they were bitches (Jasmine).

The dating show parts were wonderful, and it was also fun that we got to see what Jeremy thought about everything, his motivations for doing it, and more. The dates were also lots of fun, to see what the girls did to get Jeremy. From totally desperate, to normal.
And sure, the dating show also had some parts that showed the dark side of entertainment. Like them finding, hunting, spilling secrets of the girls. Or them focusing on certain parts of the girls when they wore certain outfits.

The ending was just absolutely wonderful, and yes I cried some tears in happiness and joy!

All in all, this was a wonderful, sweet, special book, and I would highly recommend it!


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